Fighting Through the Rough Days

I almost gave up. I was so frustrated, & so exhausted. I wasn’t sure that any of this was worth it.

But there’s a fight inside me that was desperate to hold on . . . desperate to find a way.

So, I sought help.

I didn’t have the means to hire anyone. Yet, thankfully, there are people out there who offer free calls. Oh, how I’m grateful to those people!

Sure, I couldn’t hire them. And maybe some of them thought I was wasting their time.

However, just being able to talk through things with someone else was enough — every time — to give me back my hope, and help me get clear enough to keep pushing forward.

Having someone else speak words of support & encouragement; someone to highlight things I hadn’t seen or thought of before; someone who’d been through the struggle & could simply say, “I get it. This isn’t easy. But you can do this.”

. . . it was the light in my darkness.

I wouldn’t be where I am, today, without those people. The value of others’ support cannot be underestimated.

Where do YOU find that hope & support?

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