To empower multi-passionate women on their personal and professional learning journeys, fostering a community that thrives on growth, positivity, and the synergy of diverse passions.

How I Got Here

I’ve been on a long and winding, multi-passionate journey. I know what it’s like to feel lost, to question your abilities, and to wonder if you’ll ever find work that truly aligns with your strengths and interests. But through my own experiences and learning, I’ve not only discovered my life’s purpose but also found a deep passion for helping others do the same.

My mission is to break down the myths that often hold us back, challenge the complexities that make our dreams seem unattainable, and provide you with the practical guidance and resources you need to thrive. I’ve walked this path, and now I’m here to walk it with you.

Together, we’ll embrace a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and empowerment. I’m not just your guide; I’m your ally and your friend on this exciting adventure towards a more purposeful and fulfilling life.


  • Are positive and optimistic
  • Crave freedom + flexibility
  • Aren’t afraid to try new things
  • Love to learn
  • Are willing to work on themselves to better their lives
  • Won’t settle for the “status quo”


I’ve created a four-step framework that I call the “Life Vision Compass“, which helps to simplify the self-discovery process.

  • Step 1: Who Are You? — Get to know your strengths, preferences, and skills, and all that you bring to the table.
  • Step 2: Where Do You Want to Go? — Envision your ideal future, and why that matters to you.
  • Step 3: What Skills Do You Need? — Identify areas for growth and improvement, so you’re fully prepared to embrace the life you envision.
  • Step 4: How Will You Continue to Make Progress? — Resources and support as you pursue your ideal future vision, and continue to grow into your full potential.



Jenn is the first person that introduced me to what a multi-passionate was. It felt like she was speaking directly to me, and I was finally being understood. It finally made sense why I skipped around for years, searching for what I was meant to do… it’s the multi-passionate in me, and I never knew it. Knowing there are other people like me made me feel accepted, and that there is nothing wrong with me!! It’s who I am, which is a great thing!!! Thanks, Jenn!


Jenn is great at listening and helping lead you to the answer that was in your heart all along. She has a great deal of experience going through the problems that new entrepreneurs face, and has a library of resources at her disposal that she’s always willing to share. I think what she helped me most with is my self-confidence, and understanding that I can pursue the business I’m growing.


SIMPLE – I don’t believe in “hustle culture”, or in over-complicating things; instead, I am all for bringing things back to the basic elements, and taking the long-view for a sustainable and strong foundation to build upon.

EMPATHETIC – I take a “do no harm” [or, “Do unto others…”] approach to marketing. I cannot stand pushy and manipulative tactics that prey on others’ fears and insecurities!

AUTHENTIC – I wholeheartedly believe that knowing ourselves [our personality, preferences, skills, and experiences] is the foundation for a well-lived life. Everything else -including success- stems from this. Plus, my personal philosophy is, “Find + Do What Works For You!

Also, I do not believe in manifesting, or the Law of Attraction, etc. Instead, I am all about using the skills we’ve been given to achieve the results we desire. No “woo” in this business!

CURIOUS – I am a Seeker-Visionary brand archetype — meaning, I am all about freedom/autonomy [my no. 1 personal core value!], and flexibility. I like taking a playful, curious, and experimental view. Everything can be a lesson!!

LEARNING [aka GROWTH] – Always be learning! If you continue to learn, you’ll continue to grow. [My personal favorite way to grow is through reading books … books have the power to change lives!]


Hey there, I’m Jenn — a free-spirited INFORPRENEUR + STRATEGIST who believes in doing things differently from the mainstream.

I help multi-passionate women with self-discovery, as I know the struggle of trying to choose between your many ideas, and how complicated everything can seem when you aren’t able to make those informed decisions. Being multi-passionate myself, I’m here to guide you in doing things in a way that’s tailored to you.


  • Wife + mom
  • Live in SW Ontario, Canada
  • Obsessed with personality psychology
    [MBTI = INTP; Enneagram = 5wing4]
  • Avid reader (mostly nonfiction)
  • Stationery Nerd [pens, notebooks, journals…]
  • Creative — love to color, paint, and design
  • Former book blogger + independent reviewer at ShouldBeReading [aka: MizB]


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