Why Knowledge Isn’t Enough

I’ve been an avid reader since I was a teen. For a while, in my twenties, I was even known to most online as “MizB” (short for “Mizbooks”).

I started off being mainly a fiction reader (stories). In 2005, however, my tastes started shifting over to non-fiction… and now, I really don’t read much fiction at all. I soak up knowledge like a sponge! I love personal development, Christian living, heath & wellness, plus books on marketing and small business.

Yet, something I am beginning to realize is that consuming knowledge isn’t enough. We have to actually apply what we’ve learned — otherwise, what’s the point? If we consume, consume, consume, but never apply, how is that really benefitting us?

And worse still, aren’t we, in some ways, robbing others of the insights they could have — via our unique viewpoint — regarding what we have learned? (These are the kinds of thoughts that run through my head, anyway).

So, how do you go about applying what you’ve read to your everyday life? Well, here are a couple of ideas:


Ray Higdon, a business owner and marketing expert, says, “Invest. Learn. Teach.Invest in your own “education”, via books, trainings, etc. Learn from those things. Then, turn around and teach others what you’ve learned — from your own perspective, using your own words.

You can write blog posts, make YouTube videos, record a podcast, or create your own eCourses or workshops. This is how knowledge spreads.


Say you’ve read a business book, and it’s taught you some new ways to market your business. Pick one of those new methods, and start actually putting it into practice in your own business. Maybe it will benefit you, maybe it won’t. Either way, you will have the benefit of growing from the experience.

We cannot truly grow and change if we aren’t willing to step outside our comfort zone and try new things.

Again, this whole topic of applying what we learn is something I still, personally, struggle with. As such, I will be taking my own advice!

. . . . .

Which of the 2 ideas, mentioned above, will you commit to trying? Let me know in the comments!

Why Knowledge Isn’t Enough